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The ultimate aim of EMSja is to exceed customers’ expectations, and to ensure that each client is given that special touch. 


These services include providing advice and expertise that are best suited aesthetically and environmentally for our clients’ unique needs. Expert guidance is given to clients, which leads them to make decisions in keeping with their personal tastes regarding the type of grass, plants, and hardscape, as well as the level of maintenance required to create that lasting visual appeal. Advice and services are also provided in the treatment of plants and grass using the most environmentally friendly products to maintain their health. Trimming of tress, grass and treating of weed beds, also aid in the overall aesthetics.


Here at EMS, we view painting as an art. As such we delight in providing our clients with detailed property assessments that ensure quality and durability remain the focus while ensuring that each client’s style is painted on the end product. Our services consist of thorough preparatory work, which ensures that the products are suitable for the variety of surfaces and are environmentally friendly.

To provide services of the highest quality in the areas of landscape maintenance and advice, and residential painting, which exceed customer expectations through a team of well-trained and professional associates, employing the latest technology and expertise.


3rd Avenue
Eltham Acres, Spanish Town
St. Catherine, Jamaica 


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